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NZ Representative Soccer

On these pages, you will find records relating to New Zealand's soccer history

including features on the Chatham Cup, the National League, and the game's premier playing honours.

includes full results and goalscorers for all matches played by the All Whites, the OlyWhites, the Youth All Whites and the Junior All Whites, together with New Zealand's World Cup record, a full list of New Zealand's goalscorers down the years, and the All Whites' Coaching records.

Results from various inter-provincial representative competitions, and those involving British touring teams

Profiling the New Zealand game's media body, including Office Holders, a full list of winners from the Association's Annual Awards Dinner, and biographies of the NZSMA Hall of Fame inductees.

Details of New Zealand soccer players plying their trade on foreign shores.

The current schedule for events on the New Zealand soccer scene.