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TKU History
A really special group of women, whose on-field exploits I followed come rain, hail or shine throughout the last decade of the twentieth century, be it in the role of:
lightning-quick linesman - a pre-requisite of the job, in order to keep pace with Maia and Maria in particular!!
detailed match reporter - another pre-requisite, as it was fully merited by the quality of their football;
occasional referee - complete with dictaphone in hand!!
loyal supporter and friend ...
or any combination thereof!!

We certainly endured some games we'd rather not recall during that time, and relished others which were quite unforgettable - conquering arch-rivals Lynn-Avon en route to the 1997 SWANZ Cup Final, for instance, and as for the final itself in Napier ...

With the obvious exception of the incomparable 2001 UEFA Cup Final, has there ever been a modern-day cup final quite like that one? I mean, you just do not envisage a showpiece occasion such as that ending with a final scoreline of 7-5!

That win, of course, was the catalyst to the "Grand Slam" season of 1998, the unprecedented SWANZ Cup "three-peat" the following season, and the crowning glory - winning Sport Auckland's Sports Team of the Year award in late 1999, the first-ever (and, so far, only) senior honour for soccer at this prestigious event, for which entries from all sports played in the Queen City are invited annually.

On the following pages, you will find my comprehensive tribute to some of the nicest people you could wish to meet ... I think you'll discover that they're quite capable footballers, too!!

1998 Honours