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The original intention of this site was to pay tribute to Three Kings United's Premier Women's squad, Sport Auckland's Sports Team of the Year in 1999, and WSANZ Knockout Cup winners from 1997-9.

From small acorns, big trees grow.

Upon planning the original site, it became clear fairly on in the piece that it would be beneficial to extend the site to embrace the records of both the Auckland and New Zealand women's teams ... and with my comprehensive records, one thing led to another, until ...

"What's the point in having all this information at my fingertips", thought I, "when it's just gathering dust on shelves and only one person has access to it? Surely it's far more beneficial to those with an interest in New Zealand soccer if it's readily accessible to all and sundry?"

With regards the men's side of the game, there are plenty of other sites around which focus on numerous aspects of same, but the cavernous void left by the long lamented New Zealand Soccer Annual - now back on the shelves in 2003 after a fifteen-year absence - is one which begged filling, hence my opting for a "facts and figures" approach. (Oh, but for a Rothmans Football Yearbook in NZ!!)

As a result, there is plenty here for the statistically minded, and those wishing to research the endeavours of a particular club at senior level since 1965. As well, key details of international fixtures at all levels are displayed, along with a pile of other information, such as award winners, etc..

I trust you'll find plenty to interest you as you make your way around this knowledge source on soccer, particularly women's soccer, at senior level in New Zealand. Enjoy!!

As you will discover, there are a truckload of photos and a wealth of information on this site. And while I'll take the credit for the bulk of the latter, thanks are owed to Barry Smith, Roy Cox, Carol Waller, Gren Parry, Allan McLarin, Terry McCahill, Eric Pritchard and Alan Fraser for some of this material.

Of course, there are always gaps ... so if you can help in filling some of them in, and the information you have is verifiable, please feel free to contact me.

The photography is a different kettle of fish entirely. I have taken a fair few of the shots you'll find on this site, while I have scanned in / downloaded the vast majority of those other photos which will you will discover in certain areas of the site.

Those that have been downloaded are, as far as I'm aware, freely available to all and sundry via the internet. If this isn't the case, however, please advise me and I will take the action required to satisfy your query.

The bulk of the top quality women's soccer action shots you will find liberally sprinkled throughout the site (e.g. the classic "Spot the Ball" action shots on this page) emanate from the cameras of Ian Abrahams (ProShotz), Kevin Clarke (Kevin Clarke Photography), Shane Wenzlick (Suburban Newspapers), Grant Stantiall (Sitter!) and Graham Hughes (ProShotz)

Teams representing Auckland, North Harbour and Waikato-Bay of Plenty play under the name of the federation they represent. These names aren't noted here, as they fail to recognise the federation's geographical region.

This writer's target audience is not confined to the soccer fraternity alone, so it remains this writer's policy, where representative fixtures involving the three federations in the northern region are concerned, that the wider populace is better served by knowing the general area which a team represents, rather than be confused by a title which incorporates a number, in a sporting code in which numbers equate, first and foremost, to goals and scorelines.

NB  Since NZ Soocer switched to NZ Football, a number of the federations have followed suit, e.g. Capital Football, Mainland Football. And a couple of the "problem children" have also followed the trend - Auckland Football Federation and Waikato-Bay of Plenty Football.

The make-up of the Federations is:
North Harbour
Northland, North Harbour, Waitakere
Auckland, Counties-Manukau
Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Thames Valley
Central Soccer
Taranaki, Wanganui, Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, Poverty Bay
Capital Football
Wellington, Wairarapa, Horowhenua-Kapiti
Mainland Football
Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast
Otago, Southland, South Canterbury

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