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Other Overseas Kiwis

Hayley Moorwood
(courtesy Virginia Commonwealth)
Rachel Howard
(courtesy TSV Crailsheim)
Priscilla Duncan
(courtesy Southwest Baptist University)
Rebecca Smith
(courtesy Sunnana SK)
Hannah Bromley
(courtesy Tennessee Tech)
Emma Harrison
(courtesy Marshall University)
Rosie White (UCLA Bruins)
Hayley Moorwood (Chelsea)
(courtesy Getty Images)
Kirsty Yallop (Vittsjo GIK)
Victoria Esson
(courtesy Texas Tech University)
Nadia Pearl
(courtesy Fresno State University)
Julia Baldwin
(courtesy Coastal Carolina University)
Grace Vincent
(courtesy Box Hill Inter)
Annabelle Bramwell
(courtesy Marshall University)
Olivia Chance
(courtesy South Florida University)
Rebecca Smith (VFL Wolfsburg) meets up with NZ team-mates Katie Hoyle and Sarah Gregorius (SC Bad Neuenahr)
Ali Riley in action for FC Gold Pride
Rebekah Stott and Betsy Hassett (SC Sand) wish Rebecca Smith (VfL Wolfsburg)
all the best prior to the German Cup Final
Six of the best!
Sarah McLaughlin, Emma Kete, Hannah Bromley, Caitlin Campbell, Holly Patterson and Annalie Longo continue the mission to raise the standards of Australian women's soccer to something approaching New Zealand's level!
"You want to put another advert where?" Kirsty Yallop in full cry for Vittsjo GIK

Kiwi Women Overseas